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This drop we present two woven shirts, that rival our warmth and cold overshirt in softness. These cool tone shirts are made out of organic and regular cotton. The weaving pattern gives this shirt a vertical striped look and makes it super durable and warm for winter. The button down collar with brown textured buttons gives this shirt a casual chique feel. Our signature Crane logo goes against de grid of the woven pattern, while still managing to blend in beautiful.

Our double check shirt is smooth to the touch, but at first glance looks full of texture. This rich shadow check print comes in both green and blue and is made from 100% lyocell. The combination of wood look buttons and double breast pockets give this shirt a more casual feel.
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The Blue Crane design team is always searching for the most comfortable and loveable fabrics the sustainable fabrics world has to offer. This fall and winter season Blue Crane focusses on Tactility. Meaning we take extra notice of tangible physiological aspects of fabrics. Such as smoothness, flexibility, softness and warmth. And the feelings touching and wearing these materials evokes. This season Blue Crane has made a conscious decision to create a simplistic line, in neutral tints, with a focus on producing timeless and high quality shirts.

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Craftsmanship, high-quality, sturdy collections and sustainability are the core values ​​of Blue Crane, the youngest brand of the Dutch fashion house Van Winkel Fashion.

Passionate design combined with craftsmanship is in the Blue Crane DNA.

New sustainable fabric qualities such as lyocell, recycled polyester and organic cotton, combined with in-house developed designs make the collections unique. In addition to innovations in the field of models, collars and stitching, Blue Crane is also innovative in the processing of sustainable buttons.

An important basis for the brand is the cooperation with the best European suppliers. This results in beautiful sustainable collections with a sturdy look. Every Blue Crane shirt is produced in our own factory with an eye for detail and with a complete final inspection. Here, we work according to socially responsible production methods to guarantee the Blue Crane consumer a reliable quality. We guarantee strict health and safety standards and a more than competitive wage.

Blue Crane is your shirt!