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Branch out

60% of this shirt is made out of wood. Wood pulp to be exact. Rough you ask? Not at all. This shirt is not only breathable, courtesy to the tencel, linen and cotton blend, but also super soft. The tencel fibres in this shirt make it very durable and rich.

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Welcome to the lab

Blue Crane was created as creative playground to investigate the best route to sustainability and to slow fashion. Our design team lovingly calls it “the lab”. All of our shirts are Ethically made in small drops in our own production facility in North Macedonia, where Amfori-BCSI standards are the norm. With our new campaign we welcome you in our lab, to get a glimpse of our production proces.

Shapes of nature

At the Blue Crane Lab we are obsessed with biomimicry. As we believe the best ideas come through trial and error. Through evolution nature has perfected itself, we are trying to do the same. By designing conscious shirts we want to make a positive change in the fashion industry. We see slow fashion, small collections and humane working conditions as the way forward.

Blue Crane is committed to making ethical and sustainable clothing for a fair price. To achieve this goal we select sustainable fabrics from European fabric suppliers who meet our sustainability requirements. People are at the forefront of our movement. We want to make clothes that mean something, that harbour memories and inspire. To do so we need our amazing team in our own factory in North Macedonia. We are in close contact with our staff to make sure the people who make our shirts are just as happy as our customers.

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Craftsmanship, high-quality, sturdy collections and sustainability are the core values ​​of Blue Crane, the youngest brand of the Dutch fashion house Van Winkel Fashion.

Passionate design combined with craftsmanship is in the Blue Crane DNA.

New sustainable fabric qualities such as lyocell, recycled polyester and organic cotton, combined with in-house developed designs make the collections unique. In addition to innovations in the field of models, collars and stitching, Blue Crane is also innovative in the processing of sustainable buttons.

An important basis for the brand is the cooperation with the best European suppliers. This results in beautiful sustainable collections with a sturdy look. Every Blue Crane shirt is produced in our own factory with an eye for detail and with a complete final inspection. Here, we work according to socially responsible production methods to guarantee the Blue Crane consumer a reliable quality. We guarantee strict health and safety standards and a more than competitive wage.

Blue Crane is your shirt!