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Welcome to the lab

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Blue Crane was created as creative playground to investigate the best route to sustainability and to slow fashion. Our design team lovingly calls it “the lab”.

All of our shirts are Ethically made in small drops in our own production facility in North Macedonia, where Amfori-BCSI standards are the norm. With our AW campaign we welcome you in our lab, to get a glimpse of our production proces.

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Made to stretch and bounce right back. Stretching fabric or your body can have a relaxing and soothing effect on the mind.

These stretch Blue Crane shirts help you to connect with your body. Ready for any movement without restrictions. Brought to you in fabrics that glide through your fingers or a firm pure variant made out of bio cotton.

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The shirts are designed with a clear eye for detail. The simple silhouettes are embellished with interesting buttons with a shadow effect and our signature Crane logo.

Our silky shirt is shorter in length, so you can wear it over your jeans for a casual look.