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Our SANDED shirt has a rough look but a soft feel. This blend of cotton and organic cotton is available in gray and blue. The white buttons have a matte and smooth finish, contrasting nicely with the rougher feel of the organic cotton blend. This shirt is shorter in length to wear over jeans and has a nice seam detail on the right side making it subtly asymmetrical.

The washed denim look shirt GRAINY is made of 100% organic cotton. The slightly washed color is the perfect denim color that can be worn year-round and goes with any color jeans you can think of. The white buttons provide a striking contrast to the dark contrast stitching on the shoulders. This shirt has a button down collar and is shorter in length. If you are looking for a timeless casual shirt, look no further!

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In this drop we present two woven shirts, which rival our overshirt in terms of softness. These cool tone shirts are made of organic and regular cotton. The weave pattern gives this shirt a vertical striped look and makes it super durable and warm for winter. The button down collar with brown textured buttons gives this shirt a casual chic look.

Our double check shirt feels smooth, but looks full of texture at first glance. Available in both green and blue, this rich shadow check print is made from 100% lyocell. The combination of wood-look buttons and double breast pockets give this shirt a more casual look.

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