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The origin of Blue Crane

Founder Sjef van Winkel always bothered about shirts. In 1949 he founded the family business Van Winkel Fashion to make the perfect shirt himself! In the beginning, the company mainly produced shirts for the Dutch army with seven seamstresses. Later on, production for fellow shirt factories and some retailers in the region was added. Sjef's passion grew into a true shirt factory - affectionaly known in the area as 't Fabriekske - with more than 100 employees. The machines were perfected for shirt production.

In 1963, the company proudly presented its own shirt brand Ledûb. How simple but resourceful, that brand name. A mirror word from Budel, the brand's birthplace in Brabant, where the head office is still located. Even now - almost 60 years later - many men wear Ledûb every day!

In addition to Ledûb a more luxurious shirt brand was introduced in 1989, John Miller. This brand is also one of the established shirt brands in Europe! John Miller stands for the perfect, top-quality, luxurious shirt for every occasion.

In the spring of 2018, the Blue Crane brand was launched with a clear goal: a cool, comfortable quality shirt for the younger man in the denim fashion world. Quality, craftsmanship and passon are the basis of this sturdy shirt brand. Due to the choices for sutainable fabrics and responsible production in Europe, this quirky brand chooses its own path.

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Origin of the brand