Blue Crane pays attention to the human influence on the living environment

  • Where possible, we always consider reducing the burden on the environment.
  • We are and demonstrate social commited.
  • We stand for ensuring the wellbeing of all our employees.

Blue Crane pays attention to reducing plastic

We are reducing the use of plastic and where possible we use recycled and/or recyclable plastic materials. We deliver to consumers without a plastic bag. In storage it is sometimes unavoidable that we hae to use plastic packaging to protect the shirt. This plastic packaging is always made from recyclable and recycled plastic. The plastic package materials to protect the collar have been replaced by paper variants that vegetal and are produced from waste products from plants.

Blue Crane pays attention to reducing packaging and transport

We are continuously working to reduce the number of transport movements by working together with other companies for transports to and from Macedonia and by merging stock orders from the warehouse in Budel.

Blue Crane pays attention to reducing raw materials

  • We use LED lighting throughout the head office, which means we limit electricity comsumption.
  • We digitize the document flow and thus limit paper consumption.
  • We limit and separate waste.

Blue Crane pays attention to the society

  • We encourage and support sports. For more than 30 years, the Van Winkel Fashion brand Ledûb has been the main sponsor of the volleyball club of the same name.
  • We support development aid projects, directly and indirectly. Donating 'overstock' is an example of this.
  • The youth has the future. In that context, we offer internships to give students the opportunity to work training and development. We are a stable employer with a longstanding commitment to employee welfare in all its facets.